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From the back VHS box: In this gripping tale of surrealism and horror, there is no telling where humanity ends and insanity begins. DeerGod (Chris Scott, Evan Moore, Justin Frederick) are a typical local teen rock n’ roll band looking for good times and fast thrills in the seedy part of town. Everything changes when a deranged sociopath (Christine Loomans), believing herself to be a chef, instigates a rampant spree of murderous activity in an effort to complete her grandfather’s age-old “Mephisto’s Stew” recipe. The innocent young rockers can only hope they will make it out of this mess alive in what critics are calling “Never heard of it” and “How did you get this number?”


shot on digital and recorded onto VHS tape

directed by Dan Pearce

produced and edited Jordan Lee-Tung

shot by Nadeem Oudeh

colour by Aaron McMurtry

special thanks to the crew and also especially to Emmalee for getting thrown up on

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